Saturday, June 25, 2011

Our Shuttle To Disney

We are hoping for a little magic that we can see the very last lift off of the space shuttle on July 8th.  Its going to be a tight schedule but this truck is going to make it happen.....

Today we spent time getting the last things ready to make the trip easier.

We installed the bed liner and added the tonneau cover as the finishing touch.  what do you think?

Friday, June 24, 2011

2 weeks till D- Day!

With only 8 days of work till vacation I wonder if I can make it. Ridiculous requests have been coming in lately. Yesterday was a whirlwind day. And after 2 days in a row of 4 hrs of sleep or less, it was tough. Fell asleep before I could exercise last night. Put headphones on and lost consciousness. Trying to do a half hour this morning, but the phone has been ringing already. 2 weekends to get ready. Hoping to get it all done this weekend.
I am excited to eat a little more on vacation, but mostly Excite to relax in what I hope is wide open spaces and luxury. Ready for the drive. There is an element of true freedom with the drive. no boarding passes no checking in no security scan Technically you need not tell anyone where you are going. Go where and when you want. 2 weeks or 14 days or 336 hours or 20,160 minutes.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

17 Days??!!

Sorry for the "slacking" off.  Lake George took a toll on me.  And I have tried to blog from my PDA, but it wouldn't work.  Right now we are just waiting on a few more accessories for the truck to be fully prepared to go.  Bug deflector (very important) check. Bedliner almost ready, Tonneau cover on its way.  A good bath and the young girl will be all ready to go.  Money should still be in line. Days off all set. 

Dining reservations have been a topic lately I hear.  We seem to have quite a few of them.  I only hope I can lose the last few pounds I want.  It would suck to not since I already downgraded my goal by ten pounds.I don't want to feel like I have stalled completely and failed.

We are hoping that we can get down there really early to catch the last shuttle launch.  At this moment July8th at 11:29AM is the targeted launch time.  Which means we got a long way to go and a short time to get there, if we are only planning on leaving 12 hours earlier. 

It would be something to see.  Until next time.