Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lilo with the biggest toy ever!

Look what she found and claimed for herself. A giant moose.

Just a sidenote.

Don't know who knows.  But I think Simon Pegg is awesome.  And Run, Fatboy, Run is a great movie.  I absolutely love it.

9 more days!

     So we are getting really close.  The wife is bored because we are ready to leave now.  There is almost nothing left to do. Our overnight courier service is put together(See previous post from my wife).  Clothes are packed.  Just sit back and relax.
     I am 0.6 pounds from my weight loss goal for the trip.  All I need is the buffer for what I eat when I am down there. I hope to be able to exercise down there a little.  I don't want to lose my groove.  Keep the habit, even if it is a reduced workout. 
     Work is crazy.  Very worried that things are getting out of hand.  trying to wrap up things before I go away.  I may pack clothes and stay overnight here.  Give the old home on wheels a test run for overnight sleeping.  IDK. 
     I am sure everyone is excited to go.  I am just excited to see everyone who will be there relaxed and happy.   Happiness is very contagious for me.  If I am marginally in a good mood,  happy people make it all the more fun.  I will do whatever it takes to make sure people around us are happy too.
     I hope we can get to Disney Quest or a water park.  It is fun and different for most people.  I don't want to go alone.  We go alone all the time.  We want to experience these things with other people.  Which is why we bought into DVC and our dream has always been to bring friends and family along.  We are getting our wish this year and I know it will be good.