Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The wall.

Still can't get over the wall. 2weeks and I have only lost about 2 pounds and that was over a week ago. Having trouble getting back a rhythm. But good things...
Our video camera showed up today.
Accessories for my truck should start arriving tomorrow.
My wife picked up a seat for my bike. Previously it had some sort of proctologist device installed that they thought was a seat.

Still sitting on the bike though. Having a difficult time getting started.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yankee Game and something new.

The Yankee game went terribly. Not as bad as it could have gone, but pretty bad. Oh they won, but the food was good and plentiful. I behaved myself fairly well. But found myself more satisfied then I have been in months. I ate more than I should have. But have some new plans to work it off. I bought a bike. Now I could say that it is a biofuel alternative transportation. And that it gets more miles to the gallon ( of root beer?!) then anything you drive. It has 18 gears and off road tires. But it is an inexpensive bicycle. Trying to test out my exercise biking skills on the open road. I hope my wife and I enjoy it and keep going for fun. I just refuse tonwhere a helmet. I will rarely be riding on streets I intend to use it in the park and around our block a little maybe. So far as I can tell we do not have any helmet laws. NYS says 14 and under, Rockland says everyone, I have found nothing about westchester. I have spent hours. I know it was attempt in 2007 but cannot find any record of the helmets for all being passed. I am going with that. I did my due diligence and couldn't find it. Will keep you posted on bike. Maybe I can bring it to WDW and ride around OKW? IDK. WHaddyathink?

Hitting the wall.

It sucks. No matter how much you try to exercise and lose it never works. For two weeks now I have been trying to overcome this wall to no avail. It will be very difficult to enjoy myself knowing I came so close and failed the last month. I need a little more to round it out and be able to relax on our vacation. Other than that. Yankee game today. Free food. That should help...