Friday, June 10, 2011

Disney Mail

It's the wife this time. :)

I could be having the worst of days, but open that mailbox and see some mail from disney and my face lights up.  We have been getting some  mail about our trip recently which gets me even more excited.

We recently got the magical express papers for the other members of our "traveling party". *Almost makes me sad we aren't flying......almost.

We also received a mailing from Disney's photopass.  They pre-send cards now for your vacations.  Hoping we can get some good group shots of everyone while we are there.  This envelope though........i mean come on who doesn't love an envelope with a monorail on it?

29 days and counting....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Disney vs. "Off Property"

With our budget on this vacation we planned for a day at Universal to do the rides we haven't done in years.  But when we sat down the other night to run through everything again.  It seemed mind-boggling that for the 2 of us alone, we would have to budget a minimum of $350 dollars just to spend 1 day at Universals 2 Parks in Orlando.  So we are weighing the options heavily.  I am disappointed in not seeing Universal, however happy to spend more time relaxing with Mickey.  Plus the actual $500 we have set aside can go along way in Disney. We could pay for us and several others to go to a water park or a Disney Quest for several hours vs that one day in Universal.  I think we have a few days to decide.  Any thoughts?

Sheesh.... It never ends.

Double workout today. Hope it pays off. Unfortunately the wife and I get way too good at planning vacations. Now I am not talking about what to do on which days. That only proves futile. But the prepping we got it down. There is almost nothing to do until we leave.
Transportation.. Check
Money.... Check
Rooms.... Check
And so on.
We live for our little getaways and it even gets through the crappier times leading up to a vacation. But now, we are ready so early. Dunno what to do. Gotta wait for the rest. Hoping to leave a little early and maybe catch the last shuttle launch ever. Should be a blast. Get it BLAST!?!?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pictures of Animal Cruelty

Dashboard of Truck

The instrument cluster on our new truck.

17 in 30???

In order to reach my vacation goal I need to lose 17 more pounds in 30 days.  Shit that sucks.  My daily average is about .65 a day.  Which puts me at 19.5 by D Day.  (Departure Day)  2 Major problems.  Yankee Game and Lake George.  Both huge tests on will power.  Free food at the first and nothing but hamburgers, french fries, root beer and ice cream at the second.  Walt Help Me. (That was an athiests interpretation of God Help Me.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

One month to go!

Tonight we went over th vacation budget again to make sure there were no hidden expenses. So far so good. $125 dollars a day for food sounds good to me! More to come!