Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prepped for launch

OK.  The Shuttle is on the pad ready for launch.  The cargo is delivered and will be locked down shortly.  Fuel cell servicing is being done today.  Final checks and closeouts on stored equipment will be done today.  The astronauts are in quarantine and mentally preparing to go.  One final mission briefing for the Go/ No Go for launch. 
This is happening right now and in Yorktown Heights.  So far we are a Go for launch.  We are not anticipating any delays.  If the shuttle delays, we may delay.  The truck is prepped.  Equipment is stowed.  Cargo loading is tonight.  Fuel is full.  Spare Tire arriving today.  T-31 hours 30 minutes.

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  1. YAAAAAAAY I am so excited that the time has finally come. Have a safe trip and don't forget to keep me post on your travel. Seeee you sooooon!!!